Innovative Boiler FD

Innovative Boiler FD and ID fan intake and discharge system

oiler FD fan inlet and outlet ducts are designed using innovative aero-acoustic diffuser vanes to control flow. Typical CFD simulation results of an axial FD fan installed in a 2300 MW thermal power plant are shown below. This system offers pressure drop savings of up to 4″ W.G. over a conventional system on the total FD fan pressure head developed (typically in the range of 15 — 20 inches W.G.). Since fan power is directly proportional to pressure, this results in fan power savings of between 10 — 30%. This energy savings allows extra steam generation capacity, if currently the fan is limited due to design constraints. Further, it provides greater test block margins for load/fuel upset or peaking operation. Similar additional savings are possible for a balanced draft boiler on the ID fan side, allowing possibility to add environmental upgrades such as SCR or ESP, perhaps even without changing the existing fans.

Other major benefits of the M & I system includes reduced flow vibrations and lower noise levels.


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