Combustion Air intake systems

Combustion Air intake systems

The air intake and exhaust systems are designed using a unique integration of noise absorption and flow control, accomplished with aerodynamically designed inlet and exhaust attenuators.

The M&I; intake system offers major benefits:

  • The pressure drop at the filter housing, across the filter and evaporative cooler media, and the multi-sided splitter module is low since the velocity distirbution across these components is uniform and no additional silencer is needed. The pressure drop is reduced by 0.5 to 1.5 inches Water Gauge in comparison to the convential design.
  • Specially designed, multi-sided aerodynamic and acoustic splitter module maximizes acoustic performance as a result of repeated process of sound reflection and absorption. The inlet flow distortion to the gas turbine is minimized, in addition to providing excellent acoustic performance. It ist designed to accommodate both inline and cold end driven generators. The sound levels at one meter from the M&I; unit is less than 76 dB(A) versus 80 to 85 dB(A) with the convential design.
  • The filter housing height and the overall footprint is reduced. Multiple-sided entry is used and the inlet silencer is incorporated into the intake housing, providing vertical airflow.
  • Site installation cost is lower due to modular design and reduced overall size of the system.

M&I Power Technology PRODUCTS

  • Combustion Air intake systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Inlet transition to improve distribution across ESP’s, FGD’s & SCR
  • Innovative Boiler FD and ID fan intake and discharge system