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The M & I Power Solution

Energy needs of the future required quiet and more efficient gas turbines and congeneration plants. These are increasingly located in densely populated areas as “on-site” power generated stations are used.

M & I Power Technology Inc. is an innovative leader in the air moving technology field. The company has a solid reputation based upon dedicated research, development and manufacturing of unique air flow products.

Since it’s inception in 1981, M&I; has completed hundreds of installations for a variety of applications, where quality, performance and reliability are essential. M&I;’s background and technology is well suited for the gas turbine power generation field.


  • combines flow field with aerodynamic and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design tools to optimize system
  • integrates noise treatments/absorption with flow control for compact unit
  • installed total of over 40 million cfm
  • has independent verifiable, acoustic tests


  • Low noise/vibration – flow design, lining, tuned resonators
  • Compact size – controlled acceleration/deceleration & connectivity of low velocity components close to fan
  • Energy efficient – center (hub) block, aerodynamic outlet, less turbulence, lower turbine entry loss
  • Improved reliablity – less blade stress, lower bearing vibration
  • Revolutionary, quiet designs for Gas Turbine Intake/Exhaust ducts
  • Integrates noise treatments/absorption with flow control
  • Uses aerodynamically designed inlet and outlet components


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