Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems

The M&I; exhaust system

Movie animation – M&I; design stack GTX100 gas turbine – exhaust_gtx100.mpg – (10012 KB)

The exhaust system is an efficient diffuser; it incorporates a transition section immediately after the gas turbine with turning vanes and splitter silencers located downstream. With this design, the back-pressure to the gas turbine is minimized due to low pressure drop and high pressure regain. The use of optimized acoustic turning vanes and splitter silencers with more free area provide excellent acoustic performance as well as minimum localized pressure loss. Construction material and methods are selected to suit exhaust gas temperature and to withstand dynamic structural loads. The inner components are Heavy gauge stainless steel and are designed to suit thermal expansion requirements. Ceramic fiber infill is used to provide thermal insulation as well as acoustic absorption with a unique retaining system that eliminates the erosion of the ceramic fiber infill.

The M&I; exhaust system offers major benefits:

  • It provides lower and uniform velocity at the discharge of the transition section and entering the downstream components, such as silencers and heat recovery coils. This results in a large reduction in the pressure drop at the downstream components. For a typical simple-cycle stack silencer, the pressure drop is reduced by 0.5 to 2 inches Water Gauge in comparison to the conventionial design. The reduction in the pressure drop can be even higher for the combined-cycle systems.
  • The performance of the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) is increased due to more uniform airflow and efficient diffuser mechanism.
  • Flow induced vibration is reduced. This provides longer, trouble free operation of the exhaust system as a whole.
  • It achieves lower sound levels. Silencer consist of multiple, staggered and acoustically treated turning vanes and splitters. They condition the flow leaving the gas turbine with high efficiency while providing excellent acoustic performance. The sound levels at one meter from the M&I; unit is typically 76 dB(A) versus 80 to 85 dB(A) with the conventional design.
  • Site installation cost is lower due to the modular construction and reduction in the overall size of the system.

M&I; applied their axial fan technology to the cooling field and developed a very quiet, and space and energy efficient unit. It can be used in the gas turbine field such as Air Cooled Lube Oil Heat Exchanger. The heat exchanger coils can be mounted up to four sides of the inlet reducing the footprint of the unit. Aerodynamically designed, diffuser type outlet silencer provides a very quiet and energy efficient operation.


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